From Incarnadine

"The Lushness of It"

"Do Not Desire Me, Imagine Me"

"Annunciation Overheard from the Kitchen"

"The Troubadours, Etc."

"Happy Ideas"

"Knocking or Nothing"

"To You Again"

Five Poems

"Girls Overheard While Assembling a Puzzle"

Four Annunciations



"On Wanting to Tell [ ] About a Girl Eating Fish Eyes"

"The Cathars Etc."

"Insertion of Meadow with Flowers"

"Notes on a 39-Year-Old Body"

"How (Not) to Speak of God"

From Granted

"In Tennessee I Found a Firefly"


"Self-Portrait with a Bee in my Mouth"

"Script Says Cry"

Web Del Sol Chapbook